Did you notice that someone tried to login into your Mac’ bank account? Or did someone ruin your credit? At least, do you know what is identity theft? You may have faced it previously (or luckily, if not). 

ID theft implies the intentional use of a person’s identity, often as a way to get financial benefits (gain credit card or bank account information) in the name of another person. In most cases, it leads to financial loss and disadvantage. To secure your Mac and personal banking information, you need to provide regular monitoring of bank accounts and credit reports. Also, it is vital to maintain the proper storage of this data. At first glance, it seems that this requires lots of work. But this is much easier than you may imagine. Here’s what we advise you to pay attention to.

Why use best identity theft monitoring for Mac

Please, remember that your confidential information, including financial data, is precious. It requires careful monitoring, even if there is no suspicious activity at the moment. Unfortunately, identity theft has been a growing problem for Mac nowadays, so more and more data breaches take place and git victims in different parts of the world. There are different ways of stealing your financial information. Some fraudsters can fish your bank statement, others will pull your private data from a hacked website. Good news – even if a hacker is the most creative fraudster in the world, he will fade in front of a strong identity theft monitoring program.

Identity theft monitoring implies different services that aim to protect people from fraud. It includes ID theft, monitoring of credit theft, and services that will respond if your device has been targeted. Please, do not confuse it with ID theft insurance. Credit monitoring is tracking of activity on a person’s credit reports. If the program notices changes, it will alert you. For instance, if there are changes to your contact information or someone is trying to open a new account, or your credit limit has been changed, you will get a notification.

ID monitoring implies web scanning – it scans public data, available on the web, including credit reports. If the program noticed suspicious activity, it gives a person an alert. For example, you may notice that a personal Social Security number shows up in a payday loan application. There are also identity recovery programs for Mac that advise a person a proper request or documentation while submitting to creditors. They may also represent you in communications with the involved agencies to deprive you of disorientation.

Identity theft monitoring review

We have tested and analyzed several ID theft monitoring programs and here’s our feedback:

  • IdentityForce: 4/5

This program supports your identity protection by sending real-time alerts if it noticing any distrustful activity. The Support Team consists of certifies Protection Experts who track your personal data and credit information. If a person has compromised data, he/she will receive immediate mobile notifications, and the team will provide restoration for you up to $1 million. Good point – IdentityForce offers free trials if you/re family or business. For family plans, a phone call is required.

The price plan starts from $9,99 per month.

  • IdentityIQ: 3/5

This program allows you to choose from four plans and offers an affordable price option. Like the previous one, it gives a user up to $1 million coverage. A team also works with clients 24/7 and lead then through restoration and recovery. The price starts at $8.99 per month.

However, IdentityIQ does not offer family plans and has no trial-period. What’s more, it does not audit social media.

  • LifeLock: 4/5

Being one of the leaders if the cybersecurity industry, LifeLock offers to monitor of Social Security Number, bank accounts and the devices you’re working with. Crime tracking and credit reports monitoring are also available.

There is a Million Dollar Protection Package that covers up to $1 million, stolen money and attorney fees. The plan price is more than affordable: $9.99 monthly. Although, LifeLock may seem a bit complicated for the beginners as it does not offer any educational tool or support. Also, it’s the top package is rather expensive.

We want to provide you with premium identity theft monitoring

Different providers offer various plans. You should choose what is most comfortable for you: either depending on the price, interface or guarantees. That’s why Clario is a combination of all characteristics you may need. For modern busy connected life, Clario is a premium cybersecurity solution.

Money loss, identity theft, online frauds – prevention of these will become our privilege. Clarion is easy to use even for beginners: if you have questions, our Support Team with 600+ experts is 24/7 on hand. It is jargon-free: we want you to understand everything at first glance. You can even get a personal security dashboard which allows you tracking your user experience immediately. We look after your online accounts and protect your data against digital abuse. Available for any device, guarding your browsing, blocking, and malware, providing emergency security support – we are here for you.