The chief traits of Costco identity guard

Like all the same companies, Costco identity guard might be a great tool that could prevent suspicious actions on your Mac.

Nowadays, we save all information on our Mac, we like to pay online and all the card details are kept on the database and every minute your “property” may be stolen by smart, tricky thefts. So, in case of any encroachment, you will be immediately notified.

What exactly do you get? 

  • Yearly reports about your activity
  • The protection of your social security number
  • Controlling your credit cards 
  • Net viruses shield
  • Spy and web monitoring prevention

Do not worry, according to the policy, your personal information will be never sent to a third party. Nobody uses it against your interests. 

Costco identity guard login

To get inside of Costco on your Mac, you have to sign up. You might be requested to provide your name, date of birth, email, card details, address on the official web site and after you create an account, it would be easy to continue your authorization, just follow steps that the program requests. 

Then you get access and can choose your tariff, for example, and set it up. If you are already a member of the Costco identity guard club, for the next purchase you will get a discount. If you are a fresh user, you will pay around 20$ per month

Identity guard Costco inference

Costco is a rather useful software for your Mac but it has nothing special and does the same functions as all other similar programs. However, it offers your reliable anti-theft shield and controls the health of your device. If you don’t want to pay 20$ a month, you may find something cheaper. But it offers a great discount for their club members, so they pay around 10$ every month.

If you probably want to obtain child care, you ought to pay extra for this service. As this tool is fresh on a market, it is difficult to read adequate feedback because users do not really understand good it or not. Costco has upgraded services and now it serves also a small business, having a recovery program and many other helpful features for Mac.

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