What is InfoArmor on Mac?

InfoArmor is identity protection built primarily for businesses. While their services are mainly run for B2B purposes, they offer a good individual plan for Mac as well. “Detection is the new Prevention” is the logo of this program which speaks for itself. It gives you different types of monitoring to prevent data stealing. It uses bots and embedded human intelligence operatives to search the dark web for compromised credentials, then its alert members who have been compromised. InfoArmor monitors your IP address for suspicious mentions which lead to identity stealing. It also has additional options for businesses plan like remediate of past and present incidents with no extra fees if you were a victim of identity theft or fraud before joining PrivacyArmor.

This program has Lost Wallet defense. They will help you quickly and painlessly renew wallets content. It also provides you with social media monitoring for all family members emphasizing on vulgarity, threats, explicit content, violence, and cyberbully. It also has a $1 million insurance if your personal data was stolen. It focuses on scanning high-risk activity to prevent fraud of stealing. Your account is protected with two-factor authentication to ensure high levels of protection for your online experience. InfoArmor supports you with a 24/7 tech team, who gives you a real time help and backup in any situation occurred.

How to login with InfoArmor?

InfoArmor has 2 packages which you can buy yourself, business packages should be provided by your employer as well as login info.

You can subscribe to individual or family plan. It costs $14.95 and $24.95 per month, respectively. Then you just need to login your email and start using it.

Should you use InfoArmor for Mac?

This program is a good solution in identity protection, however their main targeted clientele is business.

Plans offer for business have wider range of protection options in comparison to individual plans. So, if you are looking for individual protection InfoArmor is not exactly what you need for Mac.


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