Why should you try the Geico identity guard in 2020?

Despite Geico is a rather fresh product, it can compete with LifeLocker for instance. This is a tool for Mac that is serving as a shield against attacks on your private information such as credit cards, social security numbers, and passwords. Even if you are a diligent person, you are not insured against thefts as you are not able to predict any crime. To minimize the risk you should always be in trend and use identity theft programs on your Mac. What does Geico give you? 

  • Protects your online wallet
  • Monitors your credits
  • Provides anti-spy and anti-fishing services
  • Controls your medical card and social security number
  • Protect your passwords
  • Prevents dark-web monitoring

Sounds fantastic? But it is real. Yes, this is a freshly released identity service and probably it is not perfect and sometimes you will notice some bugs in the system but you must try it at least. You also receive reports and can ask any questions to support 24/7. The individual monthly fee will be around 8$. 

How can I use Geico online login?

First of all, you go to the official page, press the button “To sign up a new account”. Here must be an online activation icon, where you have to provide your policy number, date of birth, zip code and push “Continue” below.

You should write real data as it has a special database where they can check you. You fill up all the necessary lines and create an account, install Geico on Mac and start the work. You must remember and keep the password. 

Geico id theft protection for Mac

The good news that Geico protection offers several plans and family tariff is also included in this list. So, if you want to protect your family members it might be a great advantage. Also, the monthly fee is not so high. The online protection suite service is going only with Windows but not with Mac and it might be uncomfortable for those, who need advanced service. Sometimes it is difficult to find certain information on their web page.

So, yes Geico identity has both advantages and disadvantages but we can forgive them as they are really fresh players in the digital arena. 

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